☆How to get free clothes on imvu | Jan, 2020| (READ DESC) ☆



Hello everyone! So as you see this is my first video on this channel.
I want to let everyone know that it is a new year and its a new me & I promise that I will keep uploading!

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[Credits to the owners who made these green screens]
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Q & A
Q: What is your nationality?
A: I’m half Irish and half American 🙂
Q: Do you have any pets?
A: Yes, I have a pet hamster and her name is peachie

Hoped you enjoyed!
☆How to get free clothes on imvu | Jan, 2020| (READ DESC) ☆


  1. For the people who are saying "It doesn't work" in the comments, I want to say that you can not do it on Iphone and iPad. This is only for Samsung and LG so before you comment and you have an iphone or a ipad then I just want to warn you, it doesn't work on those 2 devices.
    If you want to see this hack on iphone then I will link and video for it.
    If you are on android or samsung and its not working, I suggest you to re-watch the video to see how I do it. If you are confused on the '+' and arrow thing I will explain how to do it. You need to press both of these at the same time and sometimes it doesn't work, that means that you are at an outfit that doesn't really like to do that hack. I suggest you to pick your first outfit you created then it will work.
    I currently dont have imvu rn so in the next video (part 2) I will just give you explanation on how to wear it in chat.
    If theres other problems that you are having with this glitch, feel free to reply on this comment.

  2. "4:30"
    If someone need something simply try baim.best/imvc-guide-336
    Its cool for everyone!

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