8 Ball Pool Hack game – Long Line + Vip Win + Trick Shoot 2020

This video is for those players who don’t know how to play bank shots In 8 ball pool. After watching this video you will be able to understand how to calculate angles for trick shots in 8 ball pool. Bank shots or indirect shots or cushion shots not only depends on angle it also depends on force or power of shot.
So In next video I will tell how force help you to make a trick shot perfectly. Even after following these dots to dots rule u may miss shots due to wrong use of force so stay tune for next video
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Also share your opinion about this video In comment so if you are not understanding I will try to teach in some other method but this is the most basic and easy method to play 8 ball pool trick shots.
No one can teach you Trick shots perfectly. its only depends on you


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