Earn Free IMVU® Credits Legally. Get Free IMVU Credits, No Credit Hack or Glitch Required



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Earn Free Credits on IMVU® Get Free IMVU Credits Legally, No Credit Hack or Glitch Required

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IMVU free Credit generators & hacks often ask you for your username and/or email and then ask you to fill out surveys. These free IMVU Credit generators are fraudulent and should not be trusted.

Engaging with IMVU free Credit generators are risky, can get your account hacked and even banned from IMVU.


Don’t waste your time trying to get free IMVU credits from credit generators, because they simply never deliver. IMVU free credit generators promised you thousands of credits but deliver none. Earn credits legally.

IMVU free Credit generators are NOT SAFE and are often gateways to getting your account hacked.

Many of the IMVU free credit generators ask you for your user name. Having your username is the first data point required to hack your account. When complete the surveys they offer, they collect very personal information that can open you and your account to getting hacked.

Some of these IMVU Free Credit generators have malware links disguised as call-to-action buttons.

Free Credit Generators WILL Get You Banned from IMVU:

Since most of these IMVU free Credit cheats are fraudulent, engaging with these sites can get you banned from IMVU for life. Some of these sites engage in some type of Credit arbitrage. IMVU is alerted of unauthorized credits entering the ecosystem.

On the rare occasion that someone actually collects the credits that were promised, IMVU is alerted of the unauthorized Credits entering the IMVU Credit ecosystem; which will prompt IMVU to ban the user engaging in unauthorized Credit schemes.

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Earn Free IMVU® Credits Legally. Get Free IMVU Credits, No Credit Hack or Glitch Required


  1. I wish there were more ways, like maybe getting achievements like 1 friend = 10 credits and 1 like on a post = 5 credits or something like that, plz see this and consider it

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