Free imvu account+giveaway(it my bday😘)



Artist: Future
Album: Purple Reign
Released: 2016
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

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dd squad 😎!! who was here when I was at 200? 🥺❤️.
Free imvu account+giveaway(it my bday😘)


  1. First! Happy bday! I think I deserve the account bc I never really had a nice acc before bc I would have to share it with my sister so I want to surprise her with it so I can have my own!🦋DD SQUAD 4L!!

  2. (If your still giving it away) I would really like it and I think I deserve it because I got logged out of my account and I think I deserve a new account I guess 😅 (dd squad)

  3. Happy birthday and I need it be my wish is to have a imvu Account just like that and my birthday is tomorrow can you make my wish come true thanks

  4. Well I need it bec I’ve been your sub since u started and I liked all ur vids I’ve all ways love u and I care for other ppl so if they win it’s ok they get it ur gonna do another I’ve love u to the end of the world byeee

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