1. ⬇️ How To Use Fetch Rewards ⬇️

    1.Create Your Account And Use My Referral Code ➑️ HXNCP ⬅️ Or An Friend’s

    2.Scan β€œTake Picture Of” Your First Receipt To Receive The Points For Using My Code Or An Friend’s

    3.Get Others To Use Your Code And Have Them Do The Same Steps As 1 And 2

    4.Stack Up To 11,500 Or 10,000 Points If you Going For The ITunes And Google Play Gift Cards

    4.(Optional But Works Best) Reedem The Virtual Mastercard And Use That For Offers On Imvu To Get Credits, Use It Wisely Do All The Free Trial Offers First πŸ€‘

    My Fault Guys For The Video I Was Tired But Wanted To Record While It Was Quiet In The House 😭

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