1. ⚠️ warning this is an ad ⚠️

    💁🏻‍♀️if you wanna start modeling and ur 15+ and you have Instagram… then go on Instagram and follow @bloodybabez.modeling

    ♥️this modeling agency is great♥️I am not a model for this agency but my 2 bsfs are and I’m planning to join🌺😝

    They’re great and tell you everything you need to know when being a beginner. The owner herself is a beginner and is trying to learn.

    🤧if u wanna step up ur game then go ahead and find a different agency but for beginners bloodbabez modeling will be awesome

    🎁as for the owner I’m pretty sure she gifts to whoever wins! She won’t always gift bc well she’s human too and she has to work for the money 💴 but if u wanna start DM then on Instagram.

    ✨if u don’t know how to edit it’s okay ✨ u will learn or the owner will teach u like she did with Alec ✨

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