Imvu trigger



Sorry guys… Ik a easy way to get u the trigger but i only have 27k… I have to gift u it which means I will be using my credit, so transfer me credit so I can buy it and gift it to u or gife me item that I want from my wishlist so I can buy the trigger and gift it to u. Add me @dms33
1) get a skin trigger
2) buy different skins and use it with the trigger

For more videos pls like (like rewards)
1) 5likes in 3day= one more video
2) 10likes in 3day= skin version
3) 15like in 7day= giveaway 4 girl noob account with trigger in it

To make one of furry pls share this views… I will post one more of furry if I get 30views in 2 weeks
Imvu trigger


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