[IMVU ZOEY] How To Get On Discover – Tutorial



Zoey and VUMaru go over the tips and tricks on how to get onto IMVU Discover, along with some do’s and don’ts!

Check out some of THEIR tips on what the IMVU Team is looking for when reposting a photo onto the Feed!

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[IMVU ZOEY] How To Get On Discover – Tutorial


  1. I still waiting to be part in Discover 😌 so i need to be in featured room to make my feed include in Discover? And 1 more question, I am need to login client and take picture or is ok just using mobile?

  2. as a person that tries MANY times a day to get on discover i can say you guys put people on it that dont do any of these things, like within the last few days someone posted a WATERFALL and it got onto discover and it was one of her only photos…

  3. I’m so confused because when people take pictures that get on discover their caption says thank you discover how do they know that they will end up on discover

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