Lags Free Client V2 Updated



Lags Free Client v2 Upated!! Downloads below


Mirror Download Link:

Old video tutorial:


-Unlocked Create Mode
Anyone can open Create Mode. You can’t submit without a creator account but you can open Create Mode and learn how it works without spending any money and before diving into developing.

-Unlocked Camera Widget
You can use the camera in places you couldn’t before like the shop.

-Decreased overall client size

-No forced updates

-90% Less Advertisements
No ads in the home tab, when loading rooms or when checking your inbox

-No Tracking

-More ChatRoom Search Filters
Now you can search for empty rooms, rooms with only 1 user and many more

-Increased Chat Invite Time

-Removed Annoying ShopTogether Dialog When Loading Shop

-Free shop
both people need client to see the hacked items

Sense i have deleted the first video ill explain how to extract it download WinRar from link choose most likely 64bit English then install it just click next through all of it then once done go to downloaded file right click and click extract all to Lags Free client then once its done open the folder it extracted everything to and open IMVUClient.exe or if you cant find the .exe part cause your dumb open IMVUQualityAgent
Lags Free Client V2 Updated


  1. so i did everything u told me to do in the description . i have the client downloaded and for the startup i see ur avi and when i log in nun of the perks that u included are unlocked . what my dumbass do ?

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