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You can play IMVU on your browser. It will open IMVU Next.
Here’s how you can post your pic on feed.
How to buy a new dress.
You can click on any of these clothes to see how they’d look on you.
I got curious when I saw some “live chat” rooms so I had entered to check one of these.
I wasn’t active for weeks which is why I got surprised when I saw these new live chat rooms.
Pinoy room oh XD Kaya lang biglang naglabasan sila hahaha. (Oh! Pinoy room. But they all suddenly left the room lol).
Here’s how you can change the way you sit. Make sure you have bought poses in the Shop.
This is where you’ll be when you click Chat Now from the list of Chat Rooms.

Thanks for watching xoxo.

Music used in this video:
1) Naked Eye (Indie Pop Version by Martin Klem
2) I’m ALL THAT by Remodal
3) Rich And Fabulous 13 (60s Pop Version) by Hakan Eriksson
4) I Will Let You In (Instrumental Version) by Frigga
5) Never In Love by Falcon Dives

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Live Rooms & More On IMVU

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