Raid Shadow Legends Hack 2019 – Updated Raid Shadow Legends Cheats Tutorial

Set Bonus raid shadow legends hack
Artifact Sets that have a chance to apply debuffs do so without taking the attacker’s ACC or the defender’s RESIST Stats into account. Buff Blocks and Passive Skills work as normal. Multi-hit Skills have a single chance of applying debuffs to each target. If a Skill hits 3 times, you do not have raid shadow legends hack ios to apply the debuff. Artifact Set debuffs and debuffs from a Champion’s Skills are two independent processes.

For example: A Champion has a Skill with a 50% chance of placing a [Stun] debuff and is equipped with a Stun Set of Artifacts that provides an 18% chance of placing a [Stun] debuff with each attack. Those two chances do not stack or add together. When using the Skill in question, the Champion will not have a 68% chance of placing a [Stun] debuff. Instead, the game will calculate both chances independently – once for the 50% chance from the Skill, and once for the 18% chance from the Artifact Set. Equipping and Upgrading Artifacts. To equip a Champion with Artifacts, open your Champion Collection and select the Champion you want to equip.

Tap any Artifact Slot to open the Artifact raid shadow legends cheats pop-up. Every Artifact starts at Level 0 (without any upgrades), with a small Primary Stat, and between 1 and 4 Substats, depending on the Rarity. To increase an Artifact’s strength, you’ll need to upgrade it. Artifacts can be upgraded to a maximum Level of 16.

Upgrading an Artifact does two things:

Increases the value of its Primary Stat
At milestone Levels, it either upgrades an existing Substat (depending on how many are available), or unlocks a new Substat
Milestone levels are Levels 4, 8, 12, and 16, as shown below.


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