Raid Shadow Legends Hack (Android iOS) 🔥 This Raid Shadow Legends MOD APK 1.11.5 😱 Get Free Gems 😱

Raid Shadow Legends Hack (Android iOS) 🔥 This Raid Shadow Legends MOD APK 😱 Get Free Gems 😱

The Raid: Shadow Legends tips and cheats we will share with you in today’s article will help you clear all the stages quickly and very easy, as well as help you get a better understanding of the game and how to properly assemble a team. So if you like collecting from over 300 heroes and trying out different combos and raid shadow legends android hack, then this game will bring you lots of dungeons to try them in! You want a Sacred Shard? We will tell you exactly how to get one (or two)! If you are curious about all of the Raid: Shadow Legends tips and tricks we have for you, then let’s not waste another second and dive right into it! First and most importantly is the starting hero. Since You will have this for (hopefully) the whole game, you will want a strong one which is able to actually be viable later on, with the proper upgrades and gears. This feature is really important as that is going to be your very first good champion. You can choose between 4 fairly good Rare champions, which are all specialized in Attack and have the same Leader Buff (increase party members’ HP by 15%), so raid shadow legends hack only differs when it comes to their actual skills. The starting heroes are Elhain, a High Elf which I really like and consider the strongest among the four at the moment, Kael, the one that is just as strong but has damage over time, Galek, a brute and a defense shredder and debuffer, and Athel, the one that has many self buffs but I don’t really like playing. There may be many people who prefer exactly the other heroes than the ones I have suggested, but you’ll have to try them for yourself! For an in-depth guide on the best starting hero as well as all of their skills and an explanation on why we chose the one we chose as best, you should take a look at our article on Raid: Shadow Legends best starting hero to choose at the beginning!

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