TUTORIAL: How to edit your room in iMVU



HELLO fellow IMVU players! this is HavenWorldsFallstar!!

here is a tutorial on how to edit your rooms in IMVU

I show you have to edit your room by move tools, rotate tool, copy tool, undo tool redo tool, scale tool, delete tool and so much more….i kinda show you it all in this video and i show you many rooms

i also go through and explain each tool as quickly as i can

I hope you enjoy


Aka HavenWorldsFallstar in IMVU
TUTORIAL: How to edit your room in iMVU


  1. I don't have the "my room" button 😩 I don't even have that screen! U just bought a new room too and now I don't know how to set it up and I really want to set it up pls reply and help❤️

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